That Nyrate-y thing

Days 9 and 10. Casual clothes and Pokémon. A third of the way done! (wow that feels like a lot more left)

So, since all clothes they wear can also be considered casual, have these outfits. They seem like the most casual of them. It really is a miracle the house still stands. Two girls living alone in a house with everything provided for them sounds like the house should’ve fallen by now. Thankfully they have okayish hygiene, right?

Also, Pokey mans. This is probably more about me than You May, but hey, it was addictive when I was younger. Not gonna lie, not really interested in the series at all lately. Y was fun but I mostly played it for the customization and stopped when I got every piece of clothing. No interest in the newest remakes whatsoever. This picture also made my favorite generation more apparent.

So yeah Yarn would totally have a Mareep and Nyla would probably have an Espeon. Maybe a Purrloin/Liepard. If they even knew what Pokemon was, that is. As you can see, a lot of my interests also carried over to the sisters when I made them (love of sheep, felines, purple, yellow, etc).

Also interesting to note, all my favorites (excluding Chikorita) have a purpleish shiny. Espeon doesn’t but its standard colors work fine.


seriously my life is like a trainwreck I just can’t stop watching it

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Man just look at all the money we’re rolling in

we’re in the quad digits there’s just a decimal point in the middle of them

Day 7 and 8. Sleeping and sports.

Now, the sleeping one is probably the most story-related of these pictures I’m drawing. As you can guess, dreaming is an important aspect of You May, and I decided to give some look into the mechanics. The two sisters have this special link- their dreams and how they affect each other. If they’re apart, roughly out of vocal range from each other, their dreams are dangerous. Yarn becomes almost impossible to wake while lost in her abstract imagination, while Nyla gets scared out of her wits and becomes a petrified mess.

When they’re in proximity to each other, their dreams balance out and are relatively normal dreams. Occasionally Yarn will suffer a nightmare, and Nyla a dream of pleasure. And when they’re close enough to touch (such as sleeping in the same bed), their dreams combine and create a special world just for them to explore together, a shared dream. Of course, both need to be dreaming for them to be together in this dream world…

It’ll definitely be interesting trying to incorporate all that in a game with no dialogue, but I sure am going to try. Though, to be fair, I think it’s more prominent in phthsc anyway so yeah.

oh right

sports yeah. Between Yarn’s eyesight and Nyla’s breathing, the two are not meant for sports. They’d rather sit in front of a tv all day when they’re not bouncing off the walls from caffiene, or sleeping.

Random note, neither of them know how to tie shoe laces, so the fact they figured out how to do Yarn’s hair like that is astounding. Most likely she doesn’t have it tied up while they’re living alone and just had someone else tie it for the purpose of this picture.

Gutevolk - strange seed
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Day five and six. Well, day three, but yadda yadda twice the amount of drawing yeah.

First was a fifteen minute sketch, so, here’s Yarn and Ny performing a comedy sketch. Note, this would also never happen, as Nyla is too vain/shy to do such things with other people watching.

And then evening wear. They always wear evening wear. Well, Nyla’s casual skirt and bell sleeved v-neck isn’t usually pajamas unless she’s lazy, but everything else I draw them in excluding coats/costumes is. And as you can probably tell, Yarn loves her white nightgown and wears it almost all the time.

Also, root beer. Gotta love root beer. Just gotta drink it in moderation.

Yes, these girls are pretty much fueled by caffeine.


Forget goat simulator. I AM BREAD  <—- full trailer


Day three and four, a color portrait and cosplay.

I was tempted to make Day three into two images, one for Yarn, one for Nyla, but nah Yarn’s enough. Just found a good reference image then wung it, nothing special but it came out pretty niceish. First time in a long while making something realisticish, I tell ya what.

Also cosplay. These two would have absolutely no idea who they’re dressed up as, but hey, they pull it off pretty okay despite ill-fitting pants (seriously, Chroniko needs better fitting pants and I have no idea how Rhyme’s suspenders stay up without the arm straps).

Thanks to the wonderful pinkuboa, I now have another 30 day challenge to fill out! Of course, since it’s the middle of October, why not just do two a day and end at the end of the month?

So as you can see, definitely a step up from my last 30 Day Challenge, but still not Picasso or anything. Also, finally decided with this challenge to start revealing some information about the characters, though not all. For example, Nyla being Nyra’s actual name. Gasp. Meanwhile, won’t reveal Yarn’s name even though it’s about as spoilerific as the protagonist of Cave Story’s name.

So yep. Nyla n’ Yarn. Nyla n’ Yarn…

Also, here’s the challenge itself for anyone else interested:

(also between having this blog, an art blog, and a dev blog for this game, it’s hard to choose which one to put it on so main blog it is).

Today feels like it’ll be a good day.

Dead Dead Demons is running again, Nickelodeon just got finished being scanlated supposedly (though the last chapter felt a taaad lackluster), a kind tumblr user offered me the Gutevolk albums I don’t have, and now I have another 30 day challenge to work with, for You May this time (will probably do two a day since it’s mid October).

Guess what’s back.

De x7 is back.

Thanks again to World-Three for keeping up on the releases.

And sure, pinkuboa, I’ll take anything I can get if you have any lying around~

I’m in that mindset again where I want to draw You May/Sleepover! characters but I don’t know what I want to draw. Was messing around with a Wind Waker style earlier but I can’t seem to make it look right.

I should find another one of those template question things for my characters but those are hard for me to find too.

kohina’s attempt at smiling