That Nyrate-y thing

I’m drawing comics as practice now. Long comics. Comics that are too wordy with weirdly bent arms but still comics. Comics that will soon have dynamic fighty poses (at least in this one). I need to keep myself in the groove of drawing and to leave my comfort zone.

My current one’s almost done, except I decided to end it on a sword fight and now I have to figure out how to draw a lunge-plank with arm extended from behind. And then figure out a bunch of sword fighting poses 

This panel pretty much sums it up (with words removed because I still can’t stand my dialogue skills) (actually it doesn’t sum it up at all since it’s mostly words sitting words words but hey it looks nice right)

(I’ll probably dump a few on my art blog once I have enough, I have like three pictures so far from this and two more in mind so once they’re done then yeah).

And then once I’m burnt out on console comics, I need to start working on other kinds of comics…

and another update on nyrator’s health

I still wonder how weight loss works. Probably my body storing fat because I don’t eat enough or something yet I get full too easily and don’t like any foods. (though I have been trying to eat more things as small as they are. More yogurts, grilled cheese and PB&J, hamburgers whenever my family has a cookout. Sadly I still feel like gagging whenever I eat them but I force them down). Like today I had a PB&J sandwich, blueberry yogurt, a glass of orange juice, 125 oz of water, and mac & cheese. Also take a multivitamin, D3 1000 IU softgel, and Fish Oil softgel for breakfast. Also did a half hour of Isometrix today (should probably go back to classic instead of lean on P90x3 but hey I don’t have any pull up devices so I’ll have to find some kind of substitute for that one)

and yet I still weigh 180lbs I have not lost a single pound in a month of exercise (though it’s definitely doing something, according to the chart last month I was 47 inches and now I’m 37-38 so at least I have that going for me). It’s weird because I don’t think I look that much different from when I was 150lb last year, heck even when I was in the 120s at college (though to be fair my ribs were super visible back then and now they’re not). Like I quit all sweets back in May and have not caved in at all and I only use like a centimeter of butter instead of an inch in my macaroni and yeah I dunno I need to start walking again at the very least maybe even with the exercises I’m still just not active enough. Everything I look at says being 5’5” and 180lbs is like morbidly obese yet I still feel not fat and still fit into my size 29 pants so I dunno. Still want to go down to at least 150 again if not the 130s within the next few years.

(I dream of having a bicycle again but I’m waiting until my sister moves out because she will steal it, let her friends use it, and I’ll either never see it again or it’ll end up without a seat, chain, or air in the tires like my last bike from ages ago)

This rant ended up a lot longer than expected oh well

How I make RPG Maker games at the moment



  1. Start RPG Maker
  2. Stare blankly at screen
  3. Give up and take a nap

i have a picture for this


seriously though all of the Pegasus Ensemble was ridiculous and I love how Asano wanted them to be a stereotypical shounen team

seriously though all of the Pegasus Ensemble was ridiculous and I love how Asano wanted them to be a stereotypical shounen team


the last supper vs oyasumi punpun

Coma 0.03 Review

So first I played Coma, made by cheesecakesofficialart. Saw it in the fangame tag, saw pretty pictures with animated sprites, so downloaded it without knowing anything else about it! Apparently you play as a girl (?) in a dim world that’s probably under a tornado warning with all that wind blowing her hair and clothes around.

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Okay me. You’ve downloaded at least four games and you still haven’t played them.

Today shall be dedicated to playing Coma (0.03 b), Ultra Violet (0.04), Oneshot, and Tess (1-0-0-0). Maybe “Me” too since I noticed I have that downloaded but don’t think I’ve ever played it.

(wait no that was a DvD-Me related folder but I should probably download Me and play it too)

(also I should probably redownload Tess with a newer version and actually download Oneshot since the original version always got blocked by Chrome for whatever reason)

do you have any habits when you draw? Like drawing and listening to music at the same time or anything like that. What has helped you grow as an artist the most?

Mmmm… I do tend to listen to music a lot when I draw, but often I end up just sitting back and listening to the music, getting absorbed in it, and then… not drawing, ehehe. But yeah, usually I listen to some songs over and over that relate to the picture for inspiration (or the song might just be stuck in my head all day so I play it while drawing), then lower the volume a bunch or pause when I do draw so it doesn’t keep me too distracted.

(I also have a weird habit of subconsciously forcing my body and especially my face into any position/expression I’m trying to draw. Or stare intently at my art until I realize how stiff my eyes feel.)

As for what helped me growww… Good question. Probably a mixture of admiration for amazing artists as well as wanting a way to share my ideas/characters with the world. Heck, my best answer would be just wanting to create things of my own that other people would notice and like. My ability grows the more I draw, and messing with tools and watching other people draw from scratch helps me a lot.

Heyyyy ask me anything

I’m just bored right now and since I have at least twelve new followers the past month (no seriously why would you do this to yourselves)

ask me anything and I’ll answer. And I mean anything. … well, not SSN, but mostly anything.

also this teacher like seriously what
Asano’s habit of not censoring his thoughts really spreads over to his characters.

also this teacher like seriously what

Asano’s habit of not censoring his thoughts really spreads over to his characters.

oh man DDDDDDD just updated with three more chapters.

in the middle of a ProtonJon stream


random note

yoga is amazing and everyone should try it if they’re able to

especially the reclined spinal twist that is by far my favorite yoga position ever and I do it at least once a day (I remember how my fencing instructor always called it the roadkill position too so it was hard finding the right name of it until Wii Fit came out with the proper name)

looking at my manga lists

It’s been a year since Ichigo Mashimaro updated and I’m not sure if it’s because of the author’s illness or because Marshmallow Scans being dead (speaking of them being dead Chiro-chan vol 5 when like seriously there’s 5 volumes and they stopped at 4)

Joshiraku will probably never be translated fully and I wait for the day someone picks up Tonnura-san again. It’s been finished at 9 volumes for how long and yet it’s been a year since a chapter was translated and that was from volume 3. And of course DGM’s been on hiatus for like two years.

Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro v4 still has yet to come to America. And SZS is still dead in America (though at least most of the chapters were translated including the ending). Also wondering if Sekkachi Hakushaku to Jikan Dorobou (Kumeta’s latest work) will ever continue (it’s been half a year since chapter 2 and there’s three volumes of this already)

and most importantly (though not manga)

Despera when and if. I haven’t heard a word on it since Nakamura’s passing.

it’s like so many of my favorite series just fall by the wayside.