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These are the first ten pages of my comic Homunculus.

For those who haven’t seen me talk about this before, I started the comic almost a year ago but have made very slow progress on it due to school, graduation, work, and other life obstacles. As of now, I’m only on page 36. I don’t want to post it all until the entire chapter is finished (for immersion reasons) but this is only the intro, so I’ll make an exception.

Homunculus can best be described as a psychological fantasy/drama about a group of soulless beings called homunculi that are created by a lonely, outcast scientist. It follows their struggles to understand themselves and eachother as their creator struggles to turn them into human beings. It deals with themes of isolation, identity, morality, loss, and acceptance. 

When the whole first chapter is ready (hopefully this year), I plan on launching a kickstarter so I can devote all my time and attention to this, because it means so much to me. I’ve been concepting and developing it for years. I’ve sown all my fears and dreams and vulnerabilities into it. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever done. Most of my paintings and illustrations are also directly related to this story.

If you want to see more of this comic, please share this - It would mean the world to me. Soon there will be a time when I need to ask for help in making this a reality, and the more people that see this now, the better. Thank you so much for reading, and even moreso if you end up sharing it.


Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP3

Sakurai, that latest Samus Miiverse post is so ridiculous and outrageous that it’s hilarious. I didn’t believe it was real at first until I checked Miiverse myself.

Of course, it’s only going to lead to a bunch of drama, but I’m gonna enjoy the humor of it while I can. Also, apparently it’s a canon outfit too, go figure.

Last Cave, remastered version


I did it

and then I did this (after severe button mashing and praying)

and then I did this on my first try somehow.

Today has been a good Cave Story day.

…my hands and eyes hurt


I’m happy to announce I’ve made a Patreon! It’s basically to do the same as donations, with a few added bonuses for people who donate. Essentially, you’re able to contribute a certain amount of money per month to help keep me happy, healthy, and have a home to live in.

I’ve recently moved all the way from the East Coast, to the West Coast- which has substantially drained a lot of my savings and funds. Anything that you are financially able to give helps more than you’ll ever know.

Also, while we’re on the subject of donations, I’d like to remind everyone I am still open to complete commissions of animated gifs, colored digital art, and digital doodles for a subject of your choosing.

Also, also, I’d like to add there are a few very interesting projects in the works slated to be released soon!
So stay tuned, help out if you can, and stay safe everyone!

This is my Cave Story Hard Mode experience in a nutshell.

as someone doing a Hard run of Cave Story (aka you have only three health and no missile launcher)

the labyrinth can go to hell.

I know I’ve been making a super lot of text posts lately about the same thing

but man working on You May is like

Listening to Moonsong on loop while scripting out the events for the ending is really getting to me (it’s the Wii version of the song at the moment, interestingly enough). I’m getting emotional over my own game I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

And now I wonder if I can just code the entire game using placeholder graphics and worry about graphics once the game’s fully functional…

Pixel - Moonsong
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Remastered version of Moonsong from Cave Story.


jamesofgoo said: what do yah mean by maps?

RPG Maker stuffs.

Like this.

Or this.

Interesting, explorable maps in an RPG game (except it’s not really an RPG at all it’s a game where you collect stuff and look at the pretty scenery I just use the RPG Maker engine).

Those are two decently done ones so far, though, for example, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make a looping tree tileset on that top one that looks good.

Because of how large the tree pixel is (three by two tiles rather than just a simple tile), it becomes really hard to loop properly. Plus, there needs to be more visible gaps, at least towards the border side, rather than being so tightly knit. It might be easier to just make it parallax, but I can’t even copy-paste it to look right.

Another thing is trying to figure out how I want that tileset around the pond to look like. And I have to figure out how to give the second one a better textured feel with proper shading and an actual ground and detailed sky… and so many thingsss aghhh I dunno. Need to take it a step at a time and figure out how to unblock my mind.

I just have a lot of trouble with designing scenery and backgrounds and anything non-human. Interiors I’m kinda okay with, they’re just time consuming.

this is what most of my maps end up looking like though since it takes me a long time to pixel them out, so I use a bunch of ugly placeholders. Interiors are easier, they’re compact, but an entire thicket or sewer system or weird tv thing that’s when it gets weirder and overwhelming because there are so many details missing and I can’t figure out how I want to fill up space.

this is probably the perfect example of all my troubles. I have no idea how to flesh it out. I know what it is, it’s a greenish foresty clearing area, only with marionette crosses and dark green sandy ground. To the left is a twisty slide which takes you to a lower playground area of the forest, to the top you enter the condensed pathway that leads you to the tower in the first picture, and somewhere in the bottom right is a place that will lead you to a 2D platformer-esque area with children’s blocks. And the center is how you get in and out, it warps you to the hub area. But, like, okay, I have a bunch of trees to scatter around, okay. Some grassy parts and puddles. An old pathway. But it’s so… barren. Too much wasted space, but it needs to have that much space to explore. How do I design the path (right now I just have a placeholder wooden design). What interesting landmarks can I make that the paths lead to along the way to your destination? The aesthetic is a dreamy, sandy-like ground, with the green moonlight casting its hue over everything. It’s the Toy area, full of playthings like the slide and the playground, as well as marionette crosses protruding from the ground. How do I want to flesh it out? How do I want to transition from this area to a block area? What would a pathway in a green desert look like, how would it act? Do I want there to be ruins of lego houses? These are the questions I ask myself and I struggle to find answers, which is bad, because this whole game is about exploring. These sub-hub worlds do lead to smaller and smaller areas thankfully, but still, they set the entire tone, these are the main areas you’ll be travelling through, they need substance. Though, later on, there are worlds I haven’t even started working on because they’re concept only and I really don’t want to keep making unfinished chipsets, I want to sit down and finish the ones I already have.

SO YEAH I want waaay too into detail for this but totally direct version is that I like making people and stories but I have trouble making the environment around them.

I’m starting to wonder if I should team up with someone to help me make You May maps.

or at least communicate with someone about the game and ask for advice

But then I remember I’m me the most cripplingly socially anxious person I know.

I have way too many ideas that I want to turn into something for my own good.

There’s the you&me series, You May (has the biggest chance of actually happening since it’s already over halfway done in RPG Maker 2003. It’s just the other half that gives me trouble because I just hit so many mental blocks and map design troubles…). Sequel game phthsc. Prequel comic/visual novel “you&me@childare” maybe if I get bored after finishing You May.

Then there’s Sleepover!, which honestly works best as an animation but I have no animation skills. Maybe a comic. A slice of life story about three girls having sleepovers and their mundane and miserable lives (well, two out of three anyway. Kamiko’s livin’ the life of luxury and making their lives better).

THEN there’s Skatered, which is just a concept of a fast-paced open world skating game with combat and strong use of color. I hate to use comparisons to describe things, but think THPS meets Saints Row 2. (and then that Sunset Overdrive got announced but that just looks so slow and dull to me after thinking of Skatered).

AND THEN the past few days I’ve been dreaming about what I’d do if I ever made Skatered, and that would be make ANOTHER game inspired by the artstyle, only this time about magic. And by magic I don’t mean those silly “shoot different colors at enemies” type magic I mean phase through walls, levitate, shapeshifting, the works. Some kind of action RPG. Then when I thought about designing the main character, I wanted to choose something other than Red or Yellow so of course first thought is Purple. Purple and gold with a robe and a hat that works like the hair in that Alice game or that Child of Light game… except then I realized I had pretty much made the lovechild between Hat Kid from A Hat in Time and Ashley from Warioware. So not sure. And personality depends on the way I choose to level up, didn’t want to make another Red character, so if the game had a progression thing where you get stronger as you get further in the game, obviously the main character is some shy magic trainee who progresses out of it and becomes some not-as-shy magic master. Or something.

… BUT YEAH HOW ABOUT THAT YOU MAY yeah I. I dream big but have no way of achieving these dreams. So at the very least I’ll try to finish You May and hope for the best.


asano what are you even doing